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On October 10, advocates around the globe marked World Homeless Day. Here in the Forest City, the London Homeless Coalition hosted a handful of events to draw attention to the issue of homelessness in our city – including a memorial for 25 lives lost to homelessness in London in the past year. Such a loss of […]
This Thanksgiving weekend, Londoners sat down to share a meal and to appreciate the fall harvest, and their homes, families, and friends.  Unfortunately, not everybody in our society have the privilege of a home. Also this weekend (on Friday, October 10), people in London and around the world marked World Homeless Action Day. The focus […]
The term “starving student” gets thrown around rather carelessly.  This colloquialism refers to the mounds of money required by post-secondary students to pay for tuition, books, and housing, in many cases leaving little left over for food or entertainment (Heaven forbid). Sure, certain students in university or college have access to government assistance (OSAP), scholarships, […]