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With spring well underway (finally!), folks will start getting more active outdoors with the fair weather.  Most people don’t realize that physical activity, even something as simple as walking, not only helps keep a healthy body but also strengthens the mind.  As the old adage goes, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have […]
Thank goodness for today’s break from Winter: it gave me the opportunity to swap out the all-seasons for proper winter tires (the November squalls caught me unawares).  If you drive, make sure you have your vehicle properly equipped for our the impending snow and ice.  Today’s respite will not last long, so I hope you can take […]
Remember in 2007 when “EcoStations” started popping up at the festivals in Victoria Park?  The initiative—dubbed “Greening of the festivals”—aimed to reduce waste by diverting recyclable and compostable materials from the garbage dump, and it came in endorsed by organizers of some of the heavy hitters such as Sunfest, Home County Folk Festival, and RibFest.  Championed by […]