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Most people know intuitively the importance of pollinators to the food chain. Pollinators include bats, birds, and primarily a variety of insects such as bees and butterflies: without them, about one third of our food would disappear. Bees in particular play a very important role, ensuring pollination of food crops and plants in the wild. The past […]
Garbage collection is one of the city’s most basic and necessary services. It is also a service with enormous room for innovation and improvement. On the pickup end, garbage service helps people keep their home safe and clean. On the other end, how we dispose of that material makes a big difference to our city’s […]
The ideas a potential councillor proposes and the values he or she represents will be the most important information for citizens as they cast their ballots this Fall. To make sure my ideas and values are clear, I posted my platform at the Spring, I have been visiting Ward 6 residents at their homes […]
This afternoon, I declared officially my candidacy in the Ward 6 council race.  You can read the press release below, and please share it widely!————- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, February 18, 2014 Mike Bloxam declares candidacy in Ward 6 council race Business owner and active community volunteer, Mike Bloxam, declared his candidacy for London’s Ward […]
In a couple of months, a significant change to the way Londoners get around the city will arrive.  While the first choice for people to move from point A to point B should be “active” transportation (walking, cycling, etc.), followed closely by public transit (the city bus in London’s case), most elect to hop into […]