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Transmission and life-cycle of SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19. (from Wikipedia)
It’s been four years since COVID-19 started its disruptive and deadly spread across the world, causing a pandemic that nobody could have guessed would rage on for this long. A lot has changed since its discovery in December 2019 and the declaration of a worldwide health emergency in March 2020. We all banded together to […]
Post-secondary education is one of London’s greatest strengths. Western University and Fanshawe College are major employers in our city and students contribute millions more to the local economy through spending on rent, food, entertainment, and all the other necessities of life. In many ways, we tend to undervalue the part they play now and could […]
The term “starving student” gets thrown around rather carelessly.  This colloquialism refers to the mounds of money required by post-secondary students to pay for tuition, books, and housing, in many cases leaving little left over for food or entertainment (Heaven forbid). Sure, certain students in university or college have access to government assistance (OSAP), scholarships, […]
This ‘blog has been rather quiet of late, but the meeting at City Hall last week was anything but.Last Wednesday, the Town and Gown Committee held a public participation meeting in the Council Chambers at City Hall.  Slated for three hours, the meeting bled over another 30 minutes past ten o’clock, with the public gallery […]