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Earlier this month, my two-year term as president of the London Region branch of Architectural Conservancy Ontario (or ACO London for short) came to an end, and I felt it would be worthwhile to reflect on that time.  ACO is a non-for-profit organization with 25 branches across the province with a mission to “preserve Ontario’s architectural […]
All right, everyone, now say it with me!  “It’s not how dense you make it; it’s how you make it dense.”Good.  Now with that out of the way, let’s explore how we can have exciting new buildings in our city that have a positive effect on existing architecture, and more specifically heritage buildings.By integrating heritage buildings […]
“The wrecking ball cometh.” These words (apparently) bring music to the ears of eight members of London’s council, given that they voted against designation of 759 Elizabeth Street (AKA the “Carling Cottage”) as a heritage property at the November 10th council meeting, the winning decision in an surprisingly-close 8-7 vote.  A week before at the Planning and […]
Arts and culture are integral to what makes a city worth living in. A thriving cultural scene helps to attract and retain residents, and contributes to our sense of community. The arts provide entertainment for weekends and evenings. They give us something to share with our families and friends and encourage us to look at […]
The ideas a potential councillor proposes and the values he or she represents will be the most important information for citizens as they cast their ballots this Fall. To make sure my ideas and values are clear, I posted my platform at the Spring, I have been visiting Ward 6 residents at their homes […]