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This week, the London Transit Commission asked the city for a boost to its annual budget. This is a needed investment, with nearly two thirds of the increase going directly to expanding service for transit riders. I know there are some who will question any increase in city spending, and especially spending on transit, given some […]
In my last post I talked about London’s thriving biotechnology sector. Now, I’d like to talk about one of London’s other economic strengths, and arguably a more widely recognized one – agriculture and food production. London is geographically blessed in just about every way that matters to the food supply chain. When it comes to growing and […]
Bringing jobs to London is one of the topics that comes up most frequently – at debates, in calls and e-mails from residents, and at the door. I’ve already told you about my plan to boost entrepreneurship in London, and to make it easier for start-ups to get off the ground. Now I’d like to […]
As I have met Ward 6 residents at their doors over the past many months, one of the most frequent concerns I have heard is about the job situation in London.  People are concern on their own behalf, on their children’s behalf, or just on their city’s behalf.  We have seen large employers like Kellogg’s and Electro-Motive shut down […]
This afternoon, I declared officially my candidacy in the Ward 6 council race.  You can read the press release below, and please share it widely!————- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, February 18, 2014 Mike Bloxam declares candidacy in Ward 6 council race Business owner and active community volunteer, Mike Bloxam, declared his candidacy for London’s Ward […]