About Mike

Mike was born at London’s St. Joseph’s Hospital and has lived in the Forest City most of his life. After graduating from London South Collegiate Institute, he earned a computer science degree from the University of Waterloo before returning to his hometown.

Enterpreneur & Employer

As a founder of his local business, Mike knows the challenges and rewards of launching and sustaining a business. At SunTap Technologies, he works with a team of other renewable energy professionals to assess buildings and determine which technology to integrate for long-term energy savings.

Soon to celebrate his company’s nine-year anniversary, Mike has gained experience in responsibly managing both finances and time, as well as in building and maintaining relationships with clients. He has mentored five students at SunTap during their co-op placements, which convinced him further of the need to create opportunities for young people in our city.

Food Banker

Mike’s commitment to his community really took hold in 1999, when he began volunteering on Saturday mornings at the London Food Bank.  Within a few years, he was co-ordinating volunteers and, in 2016, joined the staff to run the Community Harvest program.  In these almost 20 years of service, he’s seen how many of our neighbours struggle to make ends meet has motivated Mike to push for more supports for people experiencing poverty, something that has been systematically ignored by all levels of government.

Environmental Advocate

Mike is already familiar with City Hall, where he serves as an industry representative on London’s Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE) and served two terms as Chair. The committee provides input, advice, and makes recommendations to City Council on environmental matters affecting the City of London. He led the charge at ACE to recommend City Council decommission the failed Springbank Dam in order to save public money and preserve a healthier environment for the river.

Mike also works on the board of directors for ReForest London, the city’s largest environmental non-profit organization.  He has been a volunteer there since 2010, starting in tree planting and later joining working groups for the Million Tree Challenge before joining the board in 2015, and later served as Chair of the Trees Committee.

Heritage Conservationist

Mike is currently past-president, after serving a two-year term as president, of the London Region branch of Architectural Conservancy Ontario (ACO).  His passion for conserving our built heritage stems from a desire to ensure London has streetscapes that reflect the culture of our city and tells the tale of our shared history.  Heritage buildings can and must be considered serious assets to a city, and also must be allowed to grow over time with sympathetic additions.

Why Run For Council?

Mike is passionate about London, his hometown. He believes strongly that living in a community means giving back: it is a belief and practice that he will, with your support, continue through civic duty.

His vision is for a sustainable London where people want to live, work, play, and stay. Mike believes that striking the right balance between economics, community life, and the environment are critical to a successful city. His experiences as a business owner, working with people experiencing poverty, and as a volunteer help him find that balance, seeing first-hand it is absolutely achievable.

Having lived also in Montréal and Seoul – two world-class cities – Mike brings unique insight into alternative approaches to city management, and advantage of everyday exposure to different cultures and ways of life.

“London can be better because council can do better,” Mike says. “My commitment to represent the citizens and businesses of Ward 6 is to ensure that all views have the chance to be heard. I will listen to Londoners’ ideas and issues – as I have in my career and community life – to help me make the right decisions for Ward 6 and our city as a whole.”

As he meets people during and beyond the campaign, Mike looks forward to hearing from you as Ward 6 residents and businesses about what’s most important to you – a better London for citizens and business.

Ward 6

Ward 6 consists of a number of distinct neighbourhoods, including Orchard Park, Sherwood Forest, Old North, Bishop Hellmuth, Broughdale, Cherryhill, and University Heights. At its core lies Western University.

It is a district of the city with a diversity of families, students, elders, and all walks of life in between. This is the kind of vibrancy a city needs to survive and thrive.

The ward is rich in architectural heritage, including such important buildings as Grosvenor Lodge and Woodholme, not to mention the many homes in heritage conservation districts.  

It is also home to a large section of the Medway Valley Heritage Environmentally Significant Area, a breathtaking area full of unique species of plants and animals, including many that are endangered.