‘Our Move Forward’ – don’t miss it!

After a Thanksgiving weekend accompanied by spectacular weather (our family enjoyed a turkey dinner on my cousin’s patio – hope you took similar advantage!), folks made their way back to the grind this morning, perhaps not quite so ready and willing to work off the indulgence of the holiday.  

Though a shortened week, do not forget about your last chance for input into the future of London’s downtown:  a shared space for all citizens to live, work, and play.  From 5-7 PM tomorrow (Wednesday, October 16th) at the London Convention Centre, people interested in having their say about the plan for the core of our city will gather from across the city.

The City of London planning division’s invites all interested Londoners to attend and participate in this final community consultation for the Downtown Master Plan.  The content from their e-mail follows:

This event will further explore the proposed plan, the 6 recommended actions and 10 transformational projects found within the Draft Downtown Master Plan. There will be several interactive activities seeking the community’s input on the importance and urgency of all the proposed actions and transformational projects. Further information on the Downtown Master Plan can be found here. For those unable to attend there will be an alternate method of participation, details will follow in an additional email after the October 16th event.
RSVP for the event here, by emailing planning@london.ca or, by calling 519-661-4980

Having as many voices as possible into the direction of our downtown makes for a vibrant, stronger plan.  Hope to see you there!

On a quick end note, you may catch me on Rogers TV‘s “Daytime” program tomorrow.  The interview will discuss the role of the Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE), who reports to council’s Planning and Environment Committee.