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Transmission and life-cycle of SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19. (from Wikipedia)
It’s been four years since COVID-19 started its disruptive and deadly spread across the world, causing a pandemic that nobody could have guessed would rage on for this long. A lot has changed since its discovery in December 2019 and the declaration of a worldwide health emergency in March 2020. We all banded together to […]
ACE members in 2016
The City of London is currently reviewing the structure of advisory committees. I joined the Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE) in 2012 and the London Advisory Committee on Heritage (LACH) in 2019, and served as chair of ACE in 2015, 2016, and 2019. During my service on ACE to date, the committee proposed successful initiatives […]
Since 2012, I have had the privilege to work on the City of London’s Advisory Committee on the Environment (ACE), including serving two terms as chair. The committee provides input, advice, and makes recommendations to City Council on environmental matters such as waste diversion, climate change, water quality, and impacts on the natural environment. Aside from […]
On October 10, advocates around the globe marked World Homeless Day. Here in the Forest City, the London Homeless Coalition hosted a handful of events to draw attention to the issue of homelessness in our city – including a memorial for 25 lives lost to homelessness in London in the past year. Such a loss of […]
On Tuesday, the Civic Works Committee voted to move ahead with an environmental action plan that includes curbside organic waste pickup – essentially, paving the way for green bins. It’s wonderful to see the city finally move forward on organic waste diversion after more than a decade of stalling and even moving backwards on the […]